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Our Brands



The story began in 2011 with the idea of producing a top-quality baby shoe for the UK market. The concept was simple, utilise the best materials allied to an elegantly designed shoe. The production of the shoes were and still remain today predominantly handmade with highly skilled artisans working on each pair of shoe that is made.


The name Borboleta, translates to ‘butterfly’ in Portuguese. Butterflies are associated with different stages of the life cycle and was a perfect correlation with phases of a babies growth development and reaching the key walking milestone.




The Fofito brand has been a well established brand within the children’s footwear industry for over 30 years. Fofito was acquired by Goodwear Shoes in 2018 and went through a re-branding process in order to appeal to an ever changing market.


Fofito means ‘cute’ in Portuguese, a word which is synonymous with baby feet and shoes.



Marena is a new brand that we have brought to market for 2023, specialising in PVC jelly sandals and shoes. The first of what will be a wider range of styles is our Monaco jelly sandal, which combines a practical summer style with continental chic. 


Life is better in sandals.

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