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Sale or Return - Terms & Conditions

We may offer at our discretion an option for new customers to place an order on a Sale or Return basis. In the event of such agreement the order is based on the following terms:


  • Sale or Return prices are different from standard wholesale prices and you will be advised of these at the time of ordering.


  • Sale or Return orders are valid for 30 days. You are responsible for notifying Us in writing by the end of the 30 days if you intend to return any or all the order. The confirmation must also detail the items being returned.


  • After 30 days you will be invoiced without prior notice for either the whole order if no notification of returns has been received by Us or the whole order minus any items to be returned. In either case you will also be invoiced for the initial delivery of the order.


  • Returning any part of the order shall be at your sole expense.


  • Sale or Return is only offered on the first order. Any subsequent orders will be on our standard wholesale terms.


  • The maximum order value for Sale or Return is £500. However, We reserve the right to increase or decrease this at Our sole discretion.


  • It is your responsibility once in possession of your Sale or Return order to safeguard our products. Any items that are returned that are deemed faulty by Us will be charged to you.


  • Title to the products for Sale or Return orders will remain with Us until paid for in full. We or our agents shall have the right to enter the premises where our products are stored and retake possession of them at any time prior to full payment being received by Us.


  • Sale or Return orders must be for our Best Sellers* and in our Main Colourways**, which are listed below. Our Best Sellers are subject too change and we will notify you of this immediately prior to ordering.


  • Returns of a particular style and colour must be for the full-size range. For example, if you order our Santiago trainer in white from size EU 20-28, you can not return a size 20 and 23, you must return the full size range.

*Best Sellers


  • Fernando

  • Vitoria

  • Santiago

  • Danilo

  • Tatiana

  • Santina

  • Zachary

  • Sharon

  • Guy

  • Dina

  • Alex

  • Moya

**Main Colourways


  • White leather

  • Pale blue leather

  • Tan leather

  • Navy leather

  • White patent

  • Pink patent

  • Red patent

  • White leather

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